Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Lights


Symbols, Meanings, Maintenance Codes

Whether you’re driving a new Mercedes-Benz convertible, coupe, SUV, sedan, or another make, the presence of an illuminating warning light can be confusing. To demystify Mercedes-Benz dashboard light meanings, we have created a short guide that details the connotation of each warning light.



Dashboard Light Colors

Before describing the dashboard lights specifically, you should be aware of the meaning behind their colors:

  • Green – Indicates the vehicle’s system is currently in use or is operating correctly
  • Yellow – Signifies something in the vehicle is not operating correctly, so drive carefully and service your vehicle as soon as possible
  • Red – Denotes a critical problem that could potentially be dangerous – stop driving when safe and have your vehicle serviced immediately

Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Lights Meaning

Below are the Mercedes-Benz dashboard light meanings:

  • Battery Light: The battery light signifies your battery is not being charged properly. It could be the result of malfunctioning electronics, a torn poly-V-belt, or a defective alternator.
  • Tire Pressure Light: The tire pressure light suggests the pressure in one or more of the vehicle’s tires is low. If possible, put air in your tires the next time you get gas or service your vehicle depending on the severity of the issue.
  • Seat Belt Indicator: The seat belt indicator is a reminder to the driver and front passenger to buckle their seat belts.
  • Light Bulb Warning: The light bulb warning means one of your bulbs has failed. The dashboard may have an additional message indicating the specific light that is out.
  • Brake Light Indicator: The brake light indicator simply means you’re attempting to drive with the parking brake engaged.
  • Steering Wheel Warning: The steering wheel warning means there’s a problem with power steering. You may have to use more force when maneuvering your vehicle. This may also be accompanied by a warning sound.
  • Airbag Light: The airbag light shows the Supplemental Restraint System isn’t’ working properly which could mean an airbag won’t properly deploy during an accident. Take your vehicle to an authorized Mercedes-Benz repair location as soon as possible.
  • Coolant Light Warning: The coolant light warning will display if the level of your coolant is too low or there is a defect with your temperature gauge.
  • Traction Offindicator: The Traction Off indicator denotes ESP® (electronic stability program or ESC (electronic stability control) system is no longer active. Some models come equipped with an on/off button for ESP®, but if yours does not, take it to a dealership to have it reactivated.

Though all of the Mercedes-Benz dashboard light meanings are important, you should be a bit more mindful of one indicator above the others.

Mercedes-Benz Check Engine Light Meaning

The Mercedes-Benz check engine light is so important because the costs associated with repairing engine trouble go far beyond fixing a flat tire, replacing a battery, or having an airbag circuit exchanged. If the Mercedes-Benz check engine light turns on, there could be a malfunction in the exhaust system, fuel injection, ignition, or the overall engine management system. Additionally, your vehicle may have exceeded the legal limit of emissions. As a result, your engine could be entering into emergency mode.

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