Options at the End of Your Mercedes-Benz Lease

November 11th, 2017 by

Leasing a luxurious Mercedes-Benz is a great option for many people. Not only do you get a new car or SUV with a lower monthly payment, but you also get a vehicle that will be covered by a warranty the whole time you have it. Your lease will eventually come to an end, though, and it’s good to know what your options are.

You simply can turn in your car and walk away. As long as you have stayed within your mileage limit and kept the car in good shape, you won’t owe anything extra.

Another option at the end of your lease is to buy the vehicle you have been leasing. Your lease includes a set residual price that you can pay to become the proud owner of the car in question!

Of course, you always can lease another brand new Mercedes-Benz model or buy one at the end of your lease. To see what’s available to you come see us at Mercedes-Benz of Des Moines here in Urbandale.

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