Jump-Starting Your Car with Another Vehicle

May 30th, 2018 by

To jump a car with the battery of another vehicle, you’ll have to get the noses of the cars as close as possible so the jumper cables can reach. Once the car lights and the engine have been turned off, it is safe to open the hoods of both cars and grab the jumper cables.

The cables have a black and red clamp on each end. The red cable will go first on the positive side of the battery that has a charge. Then the other red goes to the bad battery positive side. The black cable is coded for negative, and first goes to the minus side of your battery with the charge. The final black cable goes to any metal surface you can find on the car getting jumped.

Start the car, wait after the engine has been revving a couple minutes, now try to start the other car. Don’t risk breaking down again, come by Mercedes-Benz of Des Moines and we will either find the trouble or replace the battery for you.

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