Why do Cars have Timing Belts?

January 30th, 2018 by

Timing belts are an essential component in an internal combustion engine. The timing belt coordinates the crankshaft with the camshaft. While the crankshaft operates the up and down movement of the pistons, the camshaft controls the opening and closing of both the intake and the exhaust valves.

The valves open into the combustion chamber. The intake valves allow air into the chamber and must be coordinated with piston movement to avoid a collision. The exhaust valves allow fumes to escape the combustion chamber and also must coordinate with piston movement. If valves are left open, then the pistons and valves will collide, destroying your engine.

Thus, coordination between the actions of each part is essential. The timing belt provides that coordination. The use of timing belts allows the crankshaft and camshaft enough distance to dissipate heat. Otherwise, your engine would overheat and warp.

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