How to Change Battery in Mercedes-Benz Key Fob

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Drivers from Ankeny to Waukee want to keep their Mercedes-Benz key fob battery charged to prevent unneeded stress. The experts at Mercedes-Benz of Des Moines’ service center can help you with your Mercedes-Benz key fob battery replacement! It is our mission to provide affordable Mercedes-Benz service costs for our Urbandale area customers. Read on to learn how to open Mercedes-Benz key fob units to change batteries as necessary for yourself. 

Mercedes-Benz Key Fob Battery Replacement

There are several warning signs that indicate the need for your Mercedes-Benz key fob battery replacement will be needed soon. Initial warnings can include:

  • You may notice your vehicle becomes more challenging to start. If it takes several minutes or several attempts, that can be an indicator of a low battery.
  • If you lose the ability to lock and unlock your doors or set off the panic alarm on your vehicle, that can also be a sign your battery is in need of replacement. 
  • If you notice a warning sign on your dashboard that indicates an issue with the charging system, that can sometimes mean you are losing battery power in your key fob. 

If you encounter any of these warning signs, take the proactive step to change the battery in your Mercedes-Benz key fob to prevent further issues when on the road in Ames. 

How to Open a Mercedes-Benz Key Fob & Replace the Battery

When the time comes to change the battery in your Mercedes-Benz key fob, there are a few simple steps to follow: 

  • Determine Your Key Type: Whether you have a newer Chrome SmartKey® or an older SmartKey®, the key type will change how the batteries will need to be changed. 
  • Get the Right Batteries: The newer Chrome SmartKey® calls for a CR 2025 battery while the older SmartKey® calls for two.
  • SmartKey® for Older Models: To replace the battery in your Mercedes-Benz key fob, pull the latch at the end of the key holder, push your key horizontally into the open slot, and simply lift the battery out of the compartment. 
  • Chrome SmartKey® for Newer Models: Pull the tab at the bottom, remove the cover by pushing the key into the narrow end of the slot then place the new battery inside.

Learn Mercedes-Benz Key Fob Battery Replacement in Urbandale!

Need help replacing your key battery? Our Urbandale service and parts centers have everything you need at a reasonable price. Feel free tocontact us with any questions you may have and make sure you check out our service financing optionsbefore booking your appointment.

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